6:37 PM 1/2/2023

i just ate 800 calories worth of mac n' cheese... i am regret

9:54 AM 1/2/2023

bro i'm so tired of this busted ass shithole house. nothing works and every day something else breaks. fuck.

9:12 PM 12/31/2022

my head hurt yo. and i need a new goddamn desk chair, this one is loud as fuck with the creaking and gives me a damn headache.

8:28 AM 12/26/2022

everything fucking sucks

11:43 PM 12/20/2022

put up a tent in the middle of the living room with a space heater inside to keep warm later this week fjkdlsfjlksfjslkjl i cant wait to move out this bunghole of a shitheap

6:37 PM 12/17/2022

ugh. probably going to lose access to functional plumbing soon.

11:17 PM 12/15/2022

ughgh.... when you wake up from a shitty nap

9:00 PM 12/12/2022

never trust a fart.

9:06 PM 12/8/2022

oh oops i forgot to update this for a while

uhhhh..... nothing to update. ain' been doin shit lately.

7:20 AM 11/26/2022

still sickly. if i'm not better by monday i'm gonna go to the clinic to make sure i dont have a sinus infection or something. covid tests were negative. the weather here is being stupid so that's probably not helping.

was gonna write something else here but i forgot...

1:30 PM 11/24/2022

bruh i feel hella ass. i think i have a head cold.

im tired of sitting hunched over the humidifier but every time i leave it my face starts itching.
in other topics. here's my rainy day activity from this morning:

7:17 AM 11/24/2022

damn my sinuses are fucked. can't tell if allergies or dehydration. possibly both. damn space heaters. and the weather here heated back up suddenly so my shit is just fuckin' wrecked. spending all my time hovering over the humidifier.

4:00 AM 11/19/2022

why does amazon instantly charge a card for prime but takes forever to charge for orders
fuckin shitcunts hurry the fuck up i want to relock my card

12:21 AM 11/19/2022

i'm still... so sleepy. i slept 11 hours. fuh.

also rant time. why are motorcyclists such dickheads? it's midnight. stop revving your shitty bike.

11:00 AM 11/18/2022

so damn tired... wanted to stay up today to my sleep schedule but im





too fucking tired

5:55 AM 11/18/2022

blargh. i feel blargh. everything is blargh.
i think i need friend group interaction but everyone's kinda fucked off doing their own shit lately.
it got cold here suddenly. like texas just decided it was winter time finally. i've mostly just been fuckin blanket-hibernating lately myself.
hard not to do that when you live in a sack of shit trailer with no heat.

actually lemme praise something right quick because i just thought about it, this fuckin little thing?

has survived since like 2014 while i've been through like 10 other fucking regular space heaters in that time. like yo what the fuck i've even dropped/knocked/yeeted this shit off desks and tables and shit a billion times and it still runs fine. of course it can't heat a whole room or anything but like????? the heating element still works, it still functions. unlike all other shit ass space heaters. like why the fuck cant other space heaters be built as well as this one?

man if there is anything i hate just as much as mosquitoes, its shitty space heaters. i can't wait for the day when i no longer have to use them. having no central heat is shitass.

9:43 PM 11/14/2022

how to catch a dogfish:

12:06 PM 11/14/2022

rainin. cozy. got soup. make me wanna go back to bed. mmmmm....

12:58 AM 11/13/2022

i am so fucking sick of these fucking aphthous ulcers every fucking month. i wish lysine came in gummies form so i could take it every day to see if it would stop them entirely. the only other alternative is to do something to make my periods stop because the hormomne fluctuations are what causes them.

i can't fucking eat and i feel like fucking shit because of it. also my jaw is fucked up as well. and my back... and my stomach hurts every night this week... and and and uuuuUUUUGGGHHHH IM SICK OF THIS SHIT. FUCK.

4:12 PM 11/11/2022

8:49 PM 11/8/2022

man i feel like crap tonight. i took a late afternoon nap and woke up feeling like absolute garbage. thought i was gonna throw up for a bit. managed to eat some vegetables and the nausea went away but now my stomach aches and body just hurts. but what else is new...

body also can't figure out whether it's too hot or too cold. bruh pls.

12:52 PM 11/8/2022

fucking gnats are driving me insane. could it please just be winter already. fuck.

4:26 PM 11/5/2022

man my knee hoit. both actually. keep smashing them into shit jfkdsjfkls.

also hi i'm fuggin bored and sleeby.      fart.

11:48 PM 11/1/2022