2:23 PM 4/2/2024

1:15 PM 4/2/2024

had to put my dumbass chickens back in dumb bitch jail because they started laying eggs in inappropriate places.

these birds piss me off. also some of the eggs i found were rotten UGH. stupid ass BIRDS.

6:40 AM 4/1/2024

enjoying the 4/1 boopocalypse on tumblr

11:07 AM 3/31/2024

cats that look like a crinkled tissue, send post

11:05 AM 3/31/24

egg day

10:34 PM 2/4/2024

yo so being unmedicated really kinda just sucks shitass huh

i want to set everything on fire

2:39 AM 1/26/2024

haven't been doing much lately but i started doing a little bit of sewing again

9:26 PM 1/20/2024

so damn bored i wanna do crafts and shit but its too damn cold to get out from under the heated blanket

5:20 PM 1/5/2024

fucking bored.