2:11 PM 1/1/2023
i want to make my colletion pages but i dont wanna have to dig shit up to take photos of stuff... and then edit said photos. bruh.

8:01 PM 12/17/2022
so something is really fucked up when it comes to the smartgb guestbooks and firefox. i dont know if its just me but they dont work in firefox for me. works fine in chrome though.

6:58 PM 11/11/2022
i'm gonna add a collections page at some point. suggestions on what to put in it? i've already decided to make a perfumes collection page. i could also do a dragon figurine one.

8:42 PM 10/30/2022
i wanna do more fun shit with this site so if you have any cool code snippits and other neat cool shit, leave a comment in my chatbox or guestbook.

oh also i would really like to get into some webrings and link exchanges and such~ hmu breh

1:03 AM 10/30/2022
added some more art to the art page since i deleted my instagram. just picked some random shit.
added a few more stickers too.

2:05 PM 10/23/2022
damn, i tried to add both the falling and floating effects AND a mouse trail sparkle effect but for some reason the mouse sparkle effect broke the other scripts. hfjkdslafjdksa

1:45 PM 10/23/2022
adding random little things n' shit. fun shit.

6:14 AM 10/23/2022
accidentally discovered some lil coding tidbits and cleaning some stuff up. also thinking about some kind of interesting interactive art gallery. will have to see if i can make it work.

2:55 PM 10/22/2022
added guestbook and music embed at the top right

5:48 AM 10/22/2022
sticker toybox page added & minor fixes

1:41 PM 10/21/2022
changed some shit up, added a little bit of art - rn too lazy to really add a whole gallery

9:27 PM 10/10/2022
decided to dump my old fandom art into some archives on mega. i may make a gallery here for OFMD art which is what i'm into rn???? not sure. i haven't done much for that though tbh. and its nsfw shit so i can't put it on IG. i could do twitter but twitter kinda sucks donkey balls ngl

9:05 PM 10/10/2022
mmmfrfhfh... debating on if i want to make an actual art gallery here or just link to instagram.